Metal Detector by X-Ray Nextguard C330

  • Nextguard C330 X-Ray inspection equipment allows the detection of different types of contaminants (metals, glass, bone, stones and other foreign matter) in packaged products.



  • X-Ray power: 100 watts (80 kV / 1.25 mA) or 160 watts (80 kV / 2 mA).
  • Sweep rate: up to 1667 lines / sec.
  • Width and height max. of the product: 330 x 185 mm.
  • detection algorithms: simple small point threshold gradient morphology, the average point morphology, the morphology of large points as the pollutant area .

  • Inspection algorithms: image processing, thresholding, particle analysis, grayscale profile, mass estimation, position inspection and count inspection.

    Notable Features

    • Inspection of packaged products (eg flow-packs, cases, trays, jars, cans, etc.).
    • Detection of contaminants of metallic origin, stones / ceramics, bone, glass, plastics and other foreign objects dense.
    • Mass measurement.
    • Fill level.
    • Integrity of the product (missing / broken product).
    • Reject system, optional.


      • X-Ray switch.
      • Passwords at the user level.
      • Emergency stop button.
      • LED light on and imminent X-Ray.


        • Compliance with radiological safety:
        • FDA CFR 21 part 1020.40, RED law, TIR RU 1999.

          • Other, see.

          • Export / security certificate:

            • CE, UL or CSA 508A on request (checked by ETL).

            • Degree of protection: IP54 with internal fans or IP65 with cooling system

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