Concrete Weighbridge Pirita 500, Built-In

Built-in concrete weighbridge for trucks with reinforced interior structure, fast assembly and excellent accuracy.
Ideal for intensive use.
Excellent performance for any industry, particularly suitable for quarries and foundries.

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The BACSA weighbridges, fully electronic and with analogical/digital technology, have been designed for the weighing of trucks up to 120 t, complying with all current legal regulations.


  • Weighting of vehicles from 15 to 120 t.
  • Control of traffic in plant: movements, inputs and outputs, customers, suppliers, products, vehi-cles, etc.
  • Automatic load and unload of trucks over the scale, with exact weight (optional).
  • Installation in zone classified with explosion risk. EEX certificates IA LIC (optional).


  • Compact and resistant due to their solid robustness.
  • Excellent accuracy of the load cells due to their protection.
  • Lateral beams for extra protection .
  • Possible load and unload of trucks over the scale.
  • Suitable for installation in potentially explosive areas (optional ATEX certificates).
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Vehicle weighing up to 120 t.
  • Working width: 3 m.


  • Steel painted.
  • 24 cm concrete slab and double mesh.
  • Anti-corrosion paint RAL 6029.
  • 2 IP-500 longitudinal beams.
  • 6 or 8 load cells of stainless steel under longitudinal beams.

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