Sector Químico


With industrial equipment for static and dynamic weighing, BACSA offers a complete solution to the specific needs of the chemical industry. Product dosing, truck or pallet weighing, precision weighing or equipment suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (ATEX) are some of the solutions we have developed and offered to our customers in this sector.

Sector de la Construcción


The construction industry has specific needs for weighing. At BACSA, we have weighing equipment adapted to all situations, especially truck scales, which with its good software allow us to solve all the difficulties raised by our customers. We also have a wide range of weight hooks suitable for the incorporation of any lifting equipment. Our weighing hooks for construction have all required safety certificates.

Sector de la Logística


The demand for weighing scales and weighing equipment in the logistics sector is growing. From the simplest to the most complex situations, at BACSA we offer a complete range of weighing equipment, including weighing pallets, weighing bars or lifting shovels.

Bacsa Sector Alimentación


The food industry is traditionally the largest user of weighing equipment, although it is obviously not the only one. BACSA offers complete weighing and labelling solutions for the different sectors of this sector, from manual equipment such as labellers, scales and platforms for warehouses and laboratories to quality and R & D, with automatic labelling, control and classification by weight and dosage for food processing. Our weighing solutions, standard or special, for the food industry meet the standards and regulations required by the industry.

Sector de la Agricultura


In its stages of collection, processing and shipping, agriculture requires weighing equipment to control the activity. In BACSA we offer different models of scales and balances adapted to all the needs of this primary sector, vital for the economy of our country. Truck scales, ground or flush-mounted scales, pallet trucks and all types of weighing and dosing applications are products that BACSA puts at your disposal.

Sector del Reciclaje


The recycling industry, in continuous growth, has specific weighing needs. Recovery and recycling centers need scales to manage the inputs and outputs of the product to be recycled. At BACSA, we provide this industry with appropriate scales in terms of features, dimensions and functionality, with specific software to provide solutions to all customers.

Sector de la Hostelería


BACSA offers a complete range of platforms and scales adapted to the hospitality industry. Mainly made of stainless steel, which guarantees a perfect condition and resistance to contact with aggressive materials and intensive use, the BACSA equipment provides a durable and quality service.

Sector de la Automoción


The automotive sector, one of the most demanding today, requires very specific weighing solutions. At BACSA we have wheel weighing applications with their specific software, suitable for determining the wheel load of vehicles. In addition, the large catalogue of industrial products ensures a solution to every need in this sector.

Sector de Suministros Industriales

Industrial supplies

The industrial supplies sector is a user and a classic salesman of industrial scales. Our wide range of scales only weights, counting parts and weight control allows us to offer appropriate solutions to all applications.