Technical service

BACSA has its own Technical Service for all its products with Delegations in Barcelona, Lleida, Valencia, Seville, Granada, Burgos and Madrid, and through its Distributor Agents for the international market. We assist our Clients in an immediate way to all technical questions.

  • The Technical Service, highly qualified with more than 35 years of experience in the sector, allows us to address any type of repair in mechanical and electronic weighing instruments.
  • We also have a service of disassembly and installation of scales that require moving its location, bringing all the necessary mechanical, technical and human resources.
  • Also we offer the transformation of mechanical scales into electronic scales by replacing the levers with one or more electronic sensors (weight sensors), and adding the corresponding weight indicator.
  • In accordance with Article 12.4 of Metrology Act 32/2014, BACSA is in a position to repair its own weighing equipment and put them back into service without the need for verification after a repair by an Entity of verification. This assumes a great benefit for our customer: saving time and money.
  • Tele-maintenance, with a personalized telephone attention to solve the difficulties of immediately form.

Calibration and weighing of instruments

Both at the Customer and in our workshops BACSA Technical Service can perform calibrations of all types of electronic, mechanical and hybrid scales. BACSA offers traceability service to national models and ISO 9000 certificates.

Verification for commissioning

BACSA has a quality service certified in accordance with Annex II.2 of the Directive 2014/31 / EU, which allows the commissioning of the weighing instruments without the intervention of other agents. This commissioning is possible at our premises or at the Customer’s.

Coordination of periodic verifications

We offer an integral coordination service for the periodic regulatory verification of weighing instruments. Our Clients entrust us with this service where we take care of contracting, providing service and coordinating all the activities and services necessary for carrying out the verification with assurance of good results.

Updating and continuing education

In a world of constant technological change, user training becomes essential for efficient and effective use of our human resources. For this, we have a training service adapted to the needs of each partner. Our technical team, with its wide trajectory in the world of weighing, has maximum knowledge and advanced tools for a renewed upgrade.