Wheel Weights Scales for trucks and light vehicles

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Platforms designed for creating weighing stations for small sized vehi-cles (automobiles, carts, vans, trucks, tankers, tractor-trailers, etc.); particu-larly accurate and sturdy, with atten-tion to details.
Availables in legal for trade approved version .



Main features

  • Sturdy structure, made with special aluminium, which guarantees light-ness and makes these suitable also for harsh working conditions.
  • Height 58 mm.
  • 10m cable for connecting the plat-form to the indicator, complete of connector.
  • Special vulcanised nonslip rubber applied under the platform, for good grip on all types of surfaces.

Additional information



Capacity (kg)

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Graduation (g)

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Length (mm)


Width (mm)


More information


  1. The resting surface below the modules should be coplanar and well levelled; this surface should have a hardness of at least 100 kg/cm2 (usual value for the reinforced concrete). NOTE: a too high inclination can sensibly lessen the precision of the system.
  2. In the axle weighing, create a well levelled area and then the weighing platforms, with a suitable length.
  3. The bottom beneath the weighing area must sustain, without sinking, concentrated loads equal to at least 1,5 times the maximum capacity of the module.
  4. The weighing performance can be influenced by the type of weighed vehicle and the status in which it is maintained.
  5. In the axle weighing it’s advisable to not weigh vehicles which transport liquids.
  6. Once the system is optimised, it is advisable to maintain always the same direction.


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