Batch Collector BGS-3000

Call for price

  • The BACSA BGS-3000 grouper with all labels, designed to be installed at the end of the packaging and labeling lines, facilitates the creation and identification of production batches.


Notable Features

  • Batch grouping and totals marking:

    • installed according to automatic Weighing and Labeling equipment, the products of the first series are deposited in zone 1 and labeling group LP-3000 connected to the weighing and automatic labeling equipment, prints the total of batch labels When the first batch is completed, the following products are redirected to zone 2 to perform the same process.


      • Structure:

        • Stainless steel AISI 304 and anodized aluminum.

          Labeling system

          • BLP-3000 manual labeler (not supplied).

            • For more information, see Weighing and Labeling – & gt; Manual labellers.


              • Minimum length of the label of the totals L35 mm.

                • For more information, see Weighing and Labeling – & gt; Manual labellers.


                  • Electrical: 230 V and 50 Hz; 115 V and 60 Hz.
                  • Air: max. 150 l / min (at 5-8 bar).

                    Possibility of integration with other teams

                    • automatic Weighing and Labeling BACSA BLS-3000, BLS-4000 + BLS-4000.


                      • GS-3000

                        • 1 car engine inlet L600 mm x A600 and a deposit area A600 L915 mm x 2 separate areas.

                        • For products up to L450 x A280 x H250 mm and up to 10 kg in weight.
                        • Diverter: rotating blade.
                        • Performance *: 100 packs / minute (with labels of A60 x L60 mm).
                        • * The maximum performance will depend on the size, weight and morphology of the product, as well as the regular entry of products, dimensions and characteristics of the label.

                        • Note: The BACSA BLP-3000 hand labeller is not included. See the section on Weighing and Labeling – & gt; Manual labellers

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