Bagging Scale JMC-1805

Bagging machine for open mouth sacks or valve type sacks.


General Characteristics

  • Bagging machine for bags with open mouth or valve.
  • Regulation of gross weight flow.
  • Low weight regulation.
  • Production speed up to 4 bags per minute, depending on the operator.
  • Adjustable control arm.
  • Base of the machine in painted steel.
  • Main body in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Totalization of net weights.


  • Emergency stop by means of a lock button.
  • Safety shutoff micro switches for access to moving areas.
  • Power switch with padlock disabled.
  • Differential and magnetothermal protection.

Dosing Characteristics

  • Initial tare.
  • Weight error in%.
  • Falling tail.
  • Automatic correction of the queue.
  • Automatic zeroing of the cycle.
  • Alarm display.
  • Programming weight for coarse / fine speed.
  • Programmable time of lack of material.
  • Removal time of the programmable bag.
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