Modular Weighing System I410

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  • I410 modular weighing system on the CAN Open fieldbus, including:

    • Transmitter for digitizing the measurement.
    • Graphic terminal as an operator interface.
    • Coupler or card for connection to the client fieldbus.

    • The transmitter is available in DIN rail version for integration into the bottom of the cabinet or in a version incorporating a connection box with 4 weighing sensors.
    • TB indicators and transmitters are available in PMNet analog or digital version.



Ergonomic developments and software

  • More than just a weight indicator, the I410 is a true programmable terminal integrating various professional applications and able to meet many needs while remaining accessible and intuitive.
  • The I 410 terminal is available in several versions:

    • I410 D-S stainless steel case
    • I410D recessed
    • I410T desktop version

    • The I410 offers an improved user interface, especially a more readable indicator, and an alpha numeric keypad. The introduction of two new types of characters (Farsi and Cyrillic) will also allow more operators to work in their mother tongue.
    • Currently, the I410 has a faster and more powerful 32-bit processor, and therefore more efficient when asked for complex procedures – such as dosing and dynamic weighing .

      Designed to be integrated into any industrial procedure

      • The function of the I410 indicator is to ensure the development of the weighing application, involving the management, control and control of the different transmitters and connected devices.
      • The I410 indicator, like its predecessor, is designed to be as universal as possible: it allows communication with the main fieldbuses on the market (Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet Modbus-TCP and EtherNet / IP), and integrates in all industrial processes: silo weighing, batch dosing, packaging (boring, bagging), flow regulation of load or discharge, weighing control, weighing and dosing in dynamics, scale of circuit.

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  • The I 410 system offers an unprecedented solution to the various problems that can result from the integration of a weighing function in any industrial process.
  • With a modular and distributed design, the I 410 system is structured around the CAN OPEN fieldbus and consists mainly of the following 3 elements:

    • A weight TRANSMITTER that allows the signal processing closest to the load cells for better immunity to electromagnetic interference. Depending on the model, this transmitter may or may not integrate the load cell connection box.
    • GRAPHIC TERMINAL associated with a weight transmitter by controlled measurement (up to 31 tracks).
    • a COUPLER for communication of the whole with the main industrial field buses of the market: Profibus, DeviceNET, Ethernet TCP / MODBUS, Ethernet / IP and Profinet.

    • Additional modules:

      • Digital inputs / outputs.
      • RS232, RS422 / 485 and USB communications.
      • Analog inputs / outputs 4-20 mA or 0-10V.
      • USB stick for storage and traceability of weighings.

      • With high metrological performance (fast conversion, multi-extension and powerful filtering algorithms), it can meet the most demanding industrial processes.
      • All components, transmitters and terminals can be installed directly into the explosive area without degradation of performance and with possible communication with the sound zone.
      • Equipped with a development workshop-oriented automaton, compatible with the IEC 1131 standard, the I 410 system makes it possible to deploy simple or complex applications:

        • Integration of data into the customer information system.
        • Realization of specific developments.