Metal Detector BMDS-5500

  • The metal detector for the BACSA BMDS-5500 fillers is specially designed for the inspection and detection of metals in sausages and other products that are transported by pipes (liquids, sauces, etc.).


Notable Features

  • Single frequency. Multi-frequency option.
  • “Automatic configuration”, with interference suppression and automatic sensitivity calibration.
  • Multi-digital filter, to ensure maximum stability in aggressive environments.
  • Self-balance. Detection and automatic compensation of signal changes (example: temperature variations).
  • Precise detection area. Exact location of the metal particle in the detection field, allowing complete separation.
  • Self-monitoring. It monitors the proper functioning of all components of the equipment.
  • Security: protected access with three levels of passwords.


    • Structure:

      • Tunnel in painted aluminum.
      • Stainless steel frame.
      • IP66 protection.
      • 4 wheels with brakes included.
      • Sound and sound alarm included.

      • Console:

        • 4-key keyboard & ldquo; touchpad & rdquo; and backlit LCD screen.

          Communication to a PC

          • RS-232.

            Power supply

            • 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

              Possibility of integration with other teams

              • Stuffer Handtmann (includes connection flanges).
              • Torsion of Handtmann.
              • Other stuffers, see.

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